We bought Titan in early September of 18 at 3 mos old, and he’s grown like a weed. We love him like a child. Big burly and sturdy that comes from good genes. So glad we got this big boy.

Thank You so Much

Jeff Bailey
Good Afternoon!
She has been doing really well with adjusting to her new home. She’s been sleeping in her crate at night, and only cries when she needs to go out (about every 2-3 hours). We are so impressed with her intelligence and eagerness to please. She’s chewing on everything right now so we have to keep a close eye on her! We are so in love with her!
She has picked a few favorite toys and loves to play. If she’s awake – we are playing. She hasn’t left my side since we got her… my husband is already a little jealous haha!! We couldn’t have asked for a better puppy and we appreciate everything! I will try to keep you up to date with her progress. I know she’s going to be extremely smart and loyal.
Stacie Robertson
Hey Gary just giving you an update on baby Gotham who is growing up… He’s good but busy! Here’s some pics – he’s a beautiful dog!
Thank you again!
Hi Gary! Delta is adjusting great and we are all in love with her!…She is already showing signs of being highly intelligent, on walks, kennel training etc.
Mary Margaret, Keith, Laura Lyle and Delta Blue
Gary, we have had Bella a little over a week now, and everything is going great. Bella and her big sister Annie have become the best of friends. Yesterday my wife was in the back of our 2 acre lot unseen from the road with Annie. Bella was in the front yard playing with her ball. Somebody stopped and tried to steal our Bella. Glenda got scared and started yelling for Bella. Big sister Annie to the rescue. When Glenda got scared, Annie came full steam ahead barking and growling and ran the people off. She then brought Bella back to Glenda and sat guarding my family until I got home. Had dogs all my life, but these shepherds are unsurpassed.
Thank you,
Chris and Glenda Clay
Dear Gary…Inka is doing great and is a big girl! She was born November 3rd, 2012 (Natasha and Sunnyside’s Carry). My Christmas Baby. We have really been busy enjoying each other. Every step I make she is there… She is my constant companion. Old Southern Kennels’ puppies are so sweet. Since this is my second dog from you, I can highly recommend to anyone these German Shepherds. Your selective German breeding produces dogs that are highly intelligent, loyal, very loving, protective and willing to please. They have a sense of wanting to be near you at all times. I have had special shepherds all my life but these are exceptional…we are looking forward to additional training in your facility…I love my dog. Gary, I will never forget your professional kindness, understanding and what you have done for me. I would not take anything for my girl. She is my family.
Sincerely, Susan
Good afternoon Mr. Dodds,
Attached are pictures of Karma at four months of age. She is such a sweet, happy puppy and fits in well with our pack! She is also the star of her obedience class; picking up commands and flawlessly executing them with ease. She knows setz, platz, hier, bleib and has intense focus while training. Next we will work on long down stay and fuss. My 12 year old son, Aaron, is training her and doing an excellent job! We are working towards her Canine Good Citizen certificate and should have no problems achieving it.
She loves to play with the other puppies in her class and although she is younger and smaller she is fearless. At the end of each class she gets puppy playtime with the others. She came to us with excellent breeding and temperament! I wanted to thank you for pairing us with the perfect puppy for our family. I would absolutely purchase another German Shepherd from your kennel in the future…
Thank you,
Heather, Jason, and Aaron Neumeyer
My dogs, Lily and Coen, have become part of our family in the short time we have been with them…I was in the market for a good, reliable family pet that could protect me and my children…I wanted an animal that was loyal, loving, intelligent, protective, and gentle. I read up on the German Shepherds and found they were what I was looking for, but I was wary about having the large, powerful shepherds in my home with my children. After talking with the breeder I set up an appointment to see Lily and Coen at the facility to see how they would interact with the kids. It was love at first sight. The 30 pound pups climbed right up into my daughter’s lap and made themselves right at home. Since then, there’s been no doubt that these dogs were meant for us. I have never known dogs that were so intelligent. They crave human interaction and are especially careful with my youngest daughter who they both outweigh. They are not at all aggressive, and get along great with the neighborhood dogs and people. One day when the pups were about 8 months old, my daughter and I were out for a walk when we were approached by a man who was visibly intoxicated. He stepped out from some overgrown bushes and shrubbery within 10 yards of us and was closing ground fast. Even though they had no formal training, they went into full protect mode. Never had I seen them chase anyone other than when at play, but in that split second they knew I was afraid. They went after him and chased him away before returning to my daughter and me. They didn’t take their eyes off him until he was out of sight. I have thanked God for them everyday since. These dogs were meant for us and are just another member of the family now. I have never enjoyed another pet so much. I look forward to many more happy years to come with them .
B. Lewis – MS
Hi Gary! Almost 4 years ago, I traveled from Huntsville, AL to Tupelo to get two wonderful German Shepherds!! They were both Cello and Rosa pups and are beautiful dogs!! Aspen(girl) has lots of energy all the time and is obsessed with chasing squirrels. She keeps us on our toes, very smart, has the sweetest personality, is a daddy’s girl and obeys very, very well! Denver(boy) is super lazy and is obsessed with tennis balls! He is very smart and loves to be held and thinks he is a small puppy and will test the water every now and then just to see if he can get away with something. He is always concerned about me and is definitely a mommy’s boys!! I wanted to let you know that they are doing great and that we love them so very much!! It’s amazing how much they get along together. They are the best dogs and we are very happy to have them as our family members! Thank you so much! I have attached a picture of Aspen and Denver. These were taken this past October(they love to get their picture made, too)!!
Sincerely, JTJ, AL 3/2011
Mike, Here are the photos that I want to share with you. This is Bo son of Cello born March 11, 2008. He is a great dog.
Susan from Savannah, TN
Gary, Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much we are enjoying our new pup. I have included a picture. I am extremely pleased with everything about this pup. His disposition and behavior are great. A good match for my six year old son, they both have endless energy! I am amazed at how smart he is and how much he wants to please. He has already become a dear member of our family!! Thank you!
This is Brisco.
Isko & Daisy puppy born Nov 2017.
We love him he is a wonderful dog.
We just think he is so pretty. Thank you again for such a wonderful dog.
Thank you

Rodney & Yonna Carman